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  1. j sartori

    A Nod to Main Street…Again

    I enjoyed visiting Micanopy through your beautiful photos and post. Yet, again….another sight that my Why Preservation class has introduced me to. I have taken for granted the beauty and history that my life-long, home state of Florida has to contribute. On the evening news there is a segment called Florida on a Tank-full (I believe this is correct) and it always grabs my interest. With such busy lives, we don’t fully appreciate what can be enjoyed so close to home. I am often intrigued by the kayaking and outdoor activities, our natural springs and parks are quite stunning. The segment usually provides information on activities, but I really think they should join forces with the historical societies and bring attention to the offerings of the numerous historical towns and main streets located throughout Florida.
    The images of Micanopy show a colorful little town with some charming shops. The Greek Revival Mansion is beautiful, and the mature trees sprinkled throughout the pictures are a testament to the age of the town. I also noticed online that many antique shops are located on main street; antiquing… this is a fun past time that I enjoy with my parents when they come to visit! The co-mingling of office space and commercial space in the downtown area is a great way to bring in new visitors and improve the economic conditions in Micanopy. It also has a positive impact on the environment by re-using and re-purposing the historic structures; less waste will be sent to the local landfill!

    1. Amber Maiwald

      The town of Micanopy sounds like a small town that is located about twenty minutes north of where I grew up. Although the town that I grew up I was also small, the town of Bayfield was even smaller, but it had big town charm. During the summer, I always liked to go to Bayfield to escape for a little bit. The downtown was full of restored old buildings that had now been turned into tourist type shops, antique shops, ice cream and candy stores, and local artist shops. In these small towns, it’s like time stands still. There isn’t any hustle and bustle that people experience in a larger city. Also, these small towns always seem to have a very interesting history because they have been around for so long. They aren’t like the newly made cities like Viera, Fl where everything is new and the whole city’s structure and layout was planned from the start. Older cities have gone through many changes in leadership and style, but the amazing thing is that even though most of the buildings in small towns like Micanopy and Bayfield were built in the 1800s, they still look exactly the same as they did then thanks to preservation and restoration. If people were to walk down town in my home town, the would still see the date of construction way up on the top of the buildings along with old business’s signs and advertisements. These small towns are a very important part of culture today because they are places where people can slow down and just live in the moment and forget about the modern world for a short time.

    2. Hilary Lassoff

      Micanopy Florida, sounds like a place that everyone should travel to in order to get a true taste of Spanish influence and true indigenous people of Florida. The pictures that you took from the town look charming and quaint. The community being close to the University of Florida seems like a great way for outsiders in Gainesville to get away and enjoy a nice quite downtown mainstreet. Restoring most of the commercial buildings and homes only makes sense in order to preserve such an historic district. Cities that are outside of bigger cities I always enjoy, even downtown Melbourne being one for example. The fact that Orlando is only an hour away, but you can get the quite and humble taste of Downtown Melbourne is nice. I would love to visit Micanopy sometime; my aunt lives right outside Gainesville on a farm that her and her husband have been cultivating and living off of the land. I love how sometimes Micanopy is called “the little town that some forgot”, because it is such a great way of depicting such a beautiful town that still has its historic charm in tact. Micanopy seems like there is no rush, like time is not an issue for the residents that live there. It is always nice to visit or live in a town where the important things in life are enjoying family, friends, and the history around you. I enjoyed the posted picture of the Greek revival mansion. Florida has so many cities like this and it would be an extremely cool experience to visit some of them, including Micanopy.

  2. Lana Bonomo

    As I look at the pictures of Micanopy I am reminded of the downtown buildings in my hometown of Flora, Illinois. When I lived there I never thought of these buildings as historic. They were old buildings that looked just like buildings in the other small towns across southern Illinois. What makes Micanopy special is the history of the area. Being the first inland town established where Indians had originally settled. What better place for a group of runaway Indians to hide than in the middle of nowhere? No oceans, no major rivers, just a plain.

    When I first started to research Micanopy for our group project I easily found all of the history but no information on the buildings, other than the bed and breakfast. I thought surely there was a reason they were designated as historic. Since then I have learned that they are important because they are built during a particular time period that residents wanted to preserve. It doesn’t matter about the history of individual buildings because they are more important as a whole.

    It is in the perfect location being twenty minutes away from a major city. It offers just the right driving distance to work, far enough to not run into coworkers or students (for the university instructors) and close enough to easily drive. This is the perfect place to live for those who want city life nearby and the slow paced living of a small town.

  3. Saidee Bethoney

    I think it was great how you shared the proper pronunciation of Micanopy for everyone. It wasn’t until I inquired with the Historical Society about this town did I realize I was not saying it correctly. I also love the comparison of the oak trees standing like great southern ladies waiving their fans, very poetic. It was really interesting to read of the American naturalist and artist from Pennsylvania William Bartram A.K.A. “Seeker of the Flowers” coming in contact with the Seminole village. I think it is unique that a naturalist artist would be one of the first British subjects to discover this modern day historical district.
    I loved the pictures that you have posted from the flags representing the history of FL claimed by the Spanish, French, British, Confederacy and the US to the eclectic styled or vernacular buildings. You can see proud America through and through here and no wonder you would choose this small town as your spot to visit for the fourth of July. They have strong roots and when I think of a town that I would like to retire to I would consider Micanopy. It is an escape from the busy city life and looks like it could have had the show Gilmore girls filmed there. It is a representation of a picturesque town where you could make jars of jam and bring them to the town fair. Hence your uncle reading at the towns sing along, so cute. You see developers today spending millions of dollars to create this charm and Micanopy has been doing it with simplicity and naturally for centuries. This is all the more reason to invest in the preservation of these charming districts opposed to trying to recreate it.

  4. Catherine Biegler

    I agree that Micanopy is absolutely beautiful. It really is such a quaint and friendly town. I have enjoyed both of my visits to the area. I love how the town has kept its charm and not falling into the trap of adding “chain” type stores. I enjoy walking in to the antique stores and speaking to the residents about the town and its history.

    The Herlong Mansion Bed & Breakfast in Micanopy is just beautiful. I had hoped to get the chance to stay there on my visit, but alas that was not to happen. But I did get to walk around the grounds and take numerous pictures. I am hoping to get the chance to spend a night or two in the future and sit on its wonderful front porch in a rocking chair and a nice glass of iced tea.

    While walking around Micanopy I was reminded of how the town I grew up in has a special downtown area that is being preserved. There are ordinances in place that restrict the signage and architecture to fit in to the area. Many of the buildings have been re-purposed; the movie theater is now an office building, the drug store has become a fine dining establishment, along with numerous other entrepreneur businesses.

    It is so important to treasure the history that each town has to offer. Each downtown area has a special story to tell and if society does not take an active role in preserving the architecture, along with the atmosphere, then it will lose part of itself.

  5. Bryan Mozo

    Wow what a beautiful piece of historic America, I hope I can visit it soon! I’m sure it was a great trip I’m sad I had to work and miss it. This whole job thing is really getting in the way of all our field trips. I found online that they have a big harvest festival in October that looks like it would be a very great time to visit the town.
    I also really found it interesting that Doc Hollywood was filmed here, a family friend of ours talks about that movie all the time and I still haven’t seen it! I’ll have to try harder to find it and watch it soon! I just love visiting old historic towns. It’s always nice to just get away from the fast paced life that we have here and get to just stroll down a beautiful street and historic shops.
    It looks like such a beautiful and historic place I really hope to visit soon. I’d love to get to learn more about how this area was settled and more of the Native Americans that inhabited this area. I think the museums, natural landmarks, and cultural areas look so interesting and neat to see. I’d love to see the Prairie and see some of the beautiful natural elements of Alachua County.
    I visit Gainesville and Tallahassee a lot so I’m hoping that pretty soon I will be able to stop by this wonderful looking area on our drive up there or home!

  6. maritza rodriguez

    Of all the downtown villages I have seem whether in person or pictures, Micanopy seems to be the oldest of all. Just by going through all your pictures and one’s I have looked up I find myself there. This historical town is spectacular and so are the people who are involve in maintaining the small town atmosphere and all of its landmarks. Micanopy has a Fall Harvest Festival everyear, This year the festival will be held on saturday October 20 and sunday October 21, 2012. The festival has been going on for 37 years, thousands have come together in celebrating this festival. sponsored by a committe comprised of fifteen local nonprofit groups ranging from churches to youth groups to historical organization . The proceeds go back to the groups to assist in their annual operating cost. As in all downtown festivals you find artist of all trades, crafters, musicians, bakers etc. They even have a auction of items donated by participating vendors. I have gone to many of these and have found some rare items. I have always love the older times, I believe that it was the better part of this world, people lived less stressful times and life was simpler. although we have come a long way we too will leave behind an historial part for the future and its people.

  7. Kathleen Miron

    I love this little town. I didn’t know anything about its existence. I saw Doc Hollywood, good movie. Oh yes, I can see the set up.
    As I grew up my family and I went up-state New York a lot and Micanopy looks so similar to those towns in the mountains. These towns are so quiet, that if there were three customers in a store at the same time it was considered busy. We had one restaurant in the town and it was the Italian restaurant, pizzeria, bar, and motel office. Yes there was a twenty-three room motel on two sides of the restaurant and a pool. Saturday night this was the place to be, it was like a town meeting only with alcohol. The people are so friendly an and the town is small that you can’t be a stranger.
    When I compare Micanopy (inland) to say Cocoa Village (coast), Micanopy is spacial and Cocoa Village is so limited to space. It’s probably due to population of the surrounding area. There is much more diversity on the coast. The two have a very different feel to them, but both do have that sense of pride. From the pictures Micanopy has that sense of American pride feel to it, with four other nations to back them up.
    Now that I know about this lovely little town and that it is close enough that a vacation may be reachable I will put it on my list. I may just have to make my own,”Florida places to visit,” map. Citrus was such and important part of life in Florida the map would have to be to follow the citrus groves.

  8. Jan C Reed

    You are correct; Micanopy is a beautiful, quaint historic town. I visited there several years ago when a good friend of mine, Ronda, who was originally from Micanopy, moved back home. Coincidentally she is an interior designer and her father, like your uncle, was a professor at University of Florida. She and her husband built a beautiful vernacular home on several acres with room for horses and a barn and only a few minutes from historic downtown. When visiting her, we were able to stroll through the historic downtown district. We enjoyed the antique stores, the corner restaurant and soda shop and just the majestic nature of the area. The mention of the oaks trees standing like beautiful southern ladies is such a great analogy.
    It seems that this historic, quaint downtown area has flourished without the help of the Main Street designation – or at least you did not mention it. This is a testament to the dedication of the local merchants and residents. They were able to maintain a historic downtown district and be listed on the National Register of Historic Places without an organized group guiding or publicizing the area. Although it seems the Micanopy Historical Society was probably important in the continued prosperity of the historic district.
    I presume the Greek revival mansion with the corinthian columns (my favorite), is the Herlong Bed and Breakfast. Too bad I am not a Gator fan, as it would be a great place to stay for a football weekend. Maybe, we will just have to take a long weekend to enjoy the charm and history of Micanopy and stay at the Herlong Mansion Bed and Breakfast.

  9. Coral Moyle

    Sad to say I had never heard of Micanopy before even though I have made a few trips to Gainesville for softball. Seeing it through pictures though give me an idea of this beautiful old city. It does give a different feel when I look at the pictures. I really like the pictures that café the café building in it . I love the French doors with the writing on each side of them. That building almost gives it a Spanish feel not sure if is the color or the shape of the building that reminds me of a building you may see in Mexico. It is interesting to see the building have different styles even though both of the shops are connected. Moving to the next shop next the café, it has a totally different feel to it painted red with blue and yellow accent colors, with the rocking chair in front, feel gives it an old American feel almost in my opinion. I love the big trees that hang over with the moss dangling in the wind, defiantly enhances the old world feel. Moving on to the the church that still looks about the same as it did in 1915. Which I think is amazing, I love when this still look the same as they did when they were first built. It lets you really see what it had looked like back then and what everyone else got to see. I feel that red door is an amazing color to use with the white church it defiantly pops on the white canvas. I would love to stop in this beautiful town one day; I will just add it to the list that keeps growing.

  10. Jessica Derrick

    I think it’s amazing how they restored the town and keep it alive because many times small towns either start to deteriorate or lose their charm when all the buildings are modernized. It is important for these small towns to survive because they have a key place in the history of the country, and are important to keep alive for younger generations to see, enjoy, and be able to gain greater understanding from where we come from.
    Being in such close proximity to the University and having so many professors living in the town most likely had a great effect in relation to money being put into restoration and upkeep of the area; possibly because professors from certain fields may have specific connections and understandable with history or design. The fact that there is such a strong history that can still be seen is remarkable, the fact that it dates back to the 1500 shows that there is so much of a story to this town and I’d love to find out even more.
    Looking at these pictures, which are all amazing my favorite being the one of the café, it really does make it look you are on a movie set or you have been transported back in time. It looks like a beautiful place to visit and would be a wonderful experience.

  11. Melanie McAboy

    Spending the majority of my time in my studies, I haven’t spent much time venturing out to see what Florida has to offer. I have never heard of Micanopy before reading this article. The pictures and descriptions you’ve shared makes this town feel inviting. There is a lot of interesting history in this town. One of the questions I had was what the population of this town is today. I did a quick search and found there were only 653 people living in Micanopy in 2000. I feel the town I come from in Maine is a quiet town, but it’s a city compared to Micanopy. I like learning about small towns like this one, particularly in the 21st century. Florida has many enjoyable big cities now a days, but I do appreciate how many small towns still stand and are being preserved.
    I did some additional research on the link you posted and found it interesting that so many Hollywood movies used this town as their backdrop. The next town over from where I grew up was seen in the movie Jumangji. I had the same reaction then as I do now when I read that Micanopy appeared in various movies, which is how do they hear of these small towns?
    I like the various architectural styles shown in your article, the Presbyterian Church shown is stunning. The pictures of main street remind me a certain streets I saw when I visited St. Augustine. The confederate flag, and the old fashioned coca cola image is a nice touch in adding feelings of nostalgia.

  12. Emily Windsor

    The name of this article is really cute. I had to look up what the Seminole Nation was, but I liked that little historical fact about whom the town was named after. The nickname “Puc Puggy” made me giggle; well it sounds funny and the meaning I never would have guessed, I thought it would have something to do with a puppy. It is cool to me that Moses Elias Levy built the first settlement, but the post office was named after Edward Wanton instead. I think it is a breath of fresh air because in class most of the architecture we go over is named after the man who built it. It is nice to see someone have his or her ego under control. While reading this article I wondered what the difference was between “Micanope” and “Micanopy”; because the name had to become officially changed in 1834. I am really glad that since it was established in the National Register of Historic Places that all the buildings were restored historically correct. These buildings are our history and it would be a shame to lose it because someone wanted to “better” the buildings. I would like to visit and see the Greek revival mansion; it sounds beautiful. The way you described this town and its residents reminds me of the show Gilmore Girls and their town called Town’s Hallow; both towns are small and quaint and the people are friendly and in the show one of the town’s council members was always talking about saving the historical buildings. So in theory, both were “old” towns. I really enjoyed this article. Keep them coming 😀

  13. Drew Lacy

    I’d like to start out by saying, woohoo, I pronounced the name of the town right! It’s fascinating to me that they actually went so far as to change the spelling of the town’s name in order to prevent the constant mispronunciations. I have heard many a mispronunciation of local area names here in Florida (it’s Bre-vard, not Brev-erd!), but it’s incredible to think that the problem was so widespread that they officially changed the name.
    That aside, this town reminds me, in some ways, of Fellsmere, a small town just south of my home in Palm Bay. While it’s not quite as historic or impressive as Micanopy, driving into the town feels like entering another era, much removed from other parts of Brevard that I’ve been in. From old buildings and four way flashing stoplights to tiny businesses and churches with wares that seem equally aged, Fellsmere is a far cry from where I live now.
    Micanopy’s nickname, “the little town that time forgot,” seems quite accurate looking at the photos in this post. The retro Coca Cola signs and small shops make me feel like it’s the kind of location where The American Pickers television show might stop by to snag a few antique items.
    I love that the residents of “this little town that time forgot” so well represent their residence. The idea of former professors quietly retiring to a quaint little area like that seems almost storybook-ish.
    One last note: you left us hanging! Tom Petty once lived here? I want to know that story!

  14. Jessica Hook

    I think that it is so great that there is a town like this in Florida that represents true southern charm and is not completely in the middle of nowhere. I like that Florida has a town like this because in my opinion, I think that Florida is very commercialized and lacks southern charm. I have only lived in Florida for four years now. I guess not being a Florida native I lack the knowledge of places like this in the state. The entire state of Florida seems like there are either huge cites or a whole lot of nothing.

    Places like the one that is described in this blog showed make an effort to be maintained because of the charm that it possess. With today’s time, people do not take the time to sit down, have a class of sweet tea and talk to a stranger. These are the things that a town needs to keep its community together. Without a community atmosphere, the town would just be an old place with random people that live in it. Attention needs to be brought to places like these so that they can be kept and preserved. People need to learn how to slow down and enjoy their lives just like the way that you described the people that live in this town.

    This is the type of place where I would love to live at when I retire. I hope that many years from now that there is still places that are like this. I also hope that the efforts that preservationists are making extend into the far future.

  15. Joseph Hemler

    This is by far one of the coolest little historic towns I have ever seen and after looking at the photos I want to plan a trip to see this place. The fact that there is a whole town dedicated to preserving the area is amazing, I would not have thought you could get a whole town of people to band together and protect something that they all cherish. The buildings in this town remind me of my small home town of Centreville, MD. The brick structures and square shapes of all the buildings is very unique. The flat roves would only work in a state like Florida since there is no way for snow to slide off the ceiling, and if these types of architecture were used further north they would surely fail after one rough winter.

    One of my favorite things is that so much nature has been preserved in the small town. I am a huge fan of urban living and this type of town is exactly what I strive to live in one day. I love the small mom and pop shops as well, I don’t see any Wal- Marts or Mcdonalds just good old hometown shoppes that have the heart and soul that most places do not have these days. If it were up to me more towns in America would look like this. This is truly a shining beacon of what life should be like and I am glad that there are still people out there that enjoy the smaller things in life such as community and culture.

  16. Daniel MacLeod

    This is a pretty cool little town; it reminds me of a small town that is about 45 minutes away from where I live in Arizona. I live in Navajo nation in Arizona and nearly all the towns and cities around me were settled by Navajo tribes, so reading this article about the Seminole town was pretty awesome and makes me want to go home. You have to love the history behind towns like this, going from the name of the town to the way that the town was ultimately settled after years of war. I feel like that is one of the main reasons why we study architecture is to get the joy behind the stories that all these buildings and historic towns have; they have so much history that we will never learn in our lifetime, but yet we still try. Why else would we care about this little town? I mean yes it is beautiful, but it is beautiful because of the history behind the buildings and the town. It also pretty neat that it serves as a great employer town; normally small towns never have any jobs around because all the locals have them taken up. But not there, if a town can employ financially struggling students like us, they are in good favor in my mind. It just adds to the history too, that for a town being so old and would probably be looked at for just basically being a museum, they have these young kids in there promoting their town and boosting it up.

  17. Brandon

    This town seems really nice from what I have read here. There is something that I find to be really enjoyable about old towns such as the one being shown here. There are many of towns like this where I am from in the New Jersey / Philadelphia area and the reason I like them so much is probably because of the change of pace. In the city you go from fast movement, lots of people, sort of just an overall busier lifestyle. Then you take a trip maybe 15-20 minutes outside of the city and it is a complete change to what we have here where there are people but you dont feel crowded, lots more laid back, you get this feeling of relaxation when you enter a town as such. I would love to visit Micanopy sometime. From the the way you speak of it and the pictures you have provided it seems like a very interesting place to go and check out. The only thing that turns me away is its location in comparion to those gators from UF haha. Im not a big fan of them. Either way though I really enjoyed this post and it just goes to show how very small towns can end up having very in depth histories. When I first started reading and the first date you had posted said something about the 1500’s I was blown away. I figured that there had to have been a typo or something because florida has not been around that long but rest assured I was wrong and the one small town has history that dates back to the 16th century

  18. Tony Barthlow

    I live about 10 minutes south of Micanopy, and go there every chance I get. Sometimes just to wander through the shops, and stroll the streets, but mostly I go for lunch at the Old Florida Cafe.To be sure, it is a sandwich shop, but OH the sandwiches! The black beans and rice are great, too. After you’ve finished your lunch (and hopefully enjoyed a nice cup of coffee on th porch), wander north to Mosswood Farms store, where they sell fantastic desserts. If you have a day that you just need to get away, and completely relax, please give Micanopy a try. You just may be spellbound.

  19. Chelsea Patrick

    I never knew Micanopy existed! It does however take me back to being a child and going on road trips with my mother to different antique shows around Florida. It is a good possibility that I’ve passed through, I was just too young to recall the name of the town. What a gem of a place, to be architecturally stuck in that time period! My father went to the University of Florida and would tell me stories of when he was in college how him and his buddies would go out to Payne’s prairie and drink beer and get spooked by the noises they would hear out in the marshy wilderness. It’s very interesting to learn of it being the largest cattle ranch in Florida, and now it is a marsh. It’s neat to see how different places flourish and change and how others do not. Micanopy is a town that never changed. Most of the buildings that are there have been there for many years. However, Gainesville and other more urbanized towns are growing and expanding. I’m glad to hear that Payne’s Prairie, as well as much of Micanopy is still being preserved as it once was and is respected in that sense. I look for towns like this when I am on road trips to take a pit stop and see what the town has to offer. It’s typically places like this that have the best things to do, or at least the most nostalgic. The pictures of this town remind me of a town outside of Fairview, KY that I visited while on my way to see the Jefferson David obelisk. Stuck in time as well, my mother and I had breakfast in a little diner that was positioned in a square, along with the police department, city hall, a soda fountain, and a church.

  20. Shanna Lake

    It amazes me how much we all take for granted the beauty and history that Florida has provided to us. I never knew that Micanopy even existed. It looks like a beautiful small town. Yet, I have always been a fan of the small towns that actually look historic. Charm of an old town never fades. So much nature has been preserved into this one small town. It amazes me how a community of people got together to protect it. Today, people do not really take the time to appreciate these things. This article really intrigues me because Indian runs in my family and it is neat to learn new things like this.Being the first inland town established where Indians had originally settled. So cool. This lifestyle truely reminds me of where i grew up in Linton Indiana. It looks like the Main Street where i came from that has a variety of shops selling everything from antique collectibles, musical instruments, books, and ice cream to organic food and household products. I love the old oak trees with the moss hanging down, it gives a really nice feel to the town. And i really like how they tried keeping the same look to the town but just adding a little “pop”. For example, painting a red door to the church.

  21. Noelle Garrison

    I haven’t even lived in Florida for two years yet, so I’m not surprised I didn’t know this town existed. I do now though and it is so beautiful! It was so interesting to read all the different history behind it all, especially the parts about the Indians who lived around there first.You used so many descriptive words and beautiful pictures that I felt like I was right there in the town while I was reading this. When I lived in Pennsylvania we had a little town like this near to where we lived. It was filled with all kinds of old shops and historical sights. It had all kinds of old houses surrounding it, and it was in Amish country so that just added to the older feel of it. I loved going there or driving through it! I would definitely love to visit Micanopy someday!

  22. Antwan Mingo

    I know I’ve heard the name “Micanopy” before, associated with a quaint little town sort of image. I had no idea of the history behind it! The really amazing thing here is that this town never succumbed to modernization, despite being within 10 miles of a large city like Gainseville. I am just constantly blown away by all the hidden history in my own state!
    I followed some of the links provided, and became particularly interested in the story behind the Herlong Mansion. The home was originally a simple two-story, cracker-style, pinewood farm home built in 1845 by one of the original settling families. The subsequent owners, a daughter from the original family and her husband, built a Greek Revival mansion over the original structure in 1910. The new mansion is built of brick, with massive Corinthian columns, and includes a covered porch with second-story veranda. The gardens was still well-kept, and the entire grounds are now used as a privately owned bed-and-breakfast, complete with wedding ceremonies! And of course, there is always a ghost to be found…

  23. Jennifer Scites

    The town of Micanopy, Florida sounds and looks like a place I would love to visit one day. It’s so beautiful and quaint. Between its Spanish influence and the history behind the town, it seems to have so much to offer. Hard to believe that even some Hollywood movies were filmed right in my own backyard, so to speak. I see why it is nicknamed “the little town that time forgot”. While looking at the town’s website, I found myself looking to see if I am available the weekend they have their fall festival every year. It sounds like a really good time and I could get a feel for all of what Micanopy has to offer. I love how different some of the architectural styles are that is shown in this article and on the website. I’m sure the pictures do not do it justice, like seeing it in person would. The pictures were stunning however, and one of my favorites being the Greek Revival Mansion. I have always enjoyed the downtown style shops with antique collectibles, and knickknack type items. Where I was born in W.V. has many small areas like Micanopy has to offer. Learning about this small quaint town brought me back home. I love that Florida has so many hidden treasures. My family truly enjoys exploring all that Florida has to offer, whenever time allows. As I’m writing this paper we are headed to one of Florida’s Natural Springs. I’m looking forward to one day visiting Micanopy, and possibly staying in their stunning Bed and Breakfast.

  24. Brad Hoe

    I have never heard of Micanopy before reading this article. It is great to see a small historic town like this being preserved. Having grown up in a state, Montana, where every town is small, I am familiar with the type of people and lifestyle that comes along with living in a place like Micanopy. However, in Montana many of these small historic towns are being forgotten about. I am afraid to say that someday these towns will join the list of ghost towns that are scattered throughout Montana. I am relieved to see that these small towns are not being forgotten about in places like Micanopy. Places like this are becoming a rare site in 2014 as suburban areas continue to grow and attract young families across the country. It was no surprise to me to find that many of the town’s residents are employees of the University of Florida. I find that academics are drawn to places like Micanopy. Having lived in an historic university district for several years it is great to see how much pride the residents, mostly university employees, take in their community. The eclectic community that evolves in places like Micanopy is hard to find anywhere outside of a major city. These towns might be small but they do not lack in culture or personality. Again, it is great to see a small town like Micanopy not only surviving but thriving in the 21st Century. I hope that the historic preservation movement continues to spread to places like Montana and maybe one day there will not be any more ghost towns.

  25. Doreen Muller

    I had no idea that Doc Hollywood was filmed in Micanopy, FL! They certainly had me convinced that the squash capital was indeed in Grady, South Carolina. With its majestic oak trees standing like southern ladies placidly waving fans of Spanish moss, as Lesa described so well. It seems to be a very endearing place, especially when you consider the close knit community and all that Southern hospitality.
    I must admit, one of the reasons why I watched the movie is because I had a huge crush on Michael J. Fox from the moment I watched the sitcom Family Ties on NBC in 1982. I fell in love when the movie Back to the Future aired in 1985! Doc Hollywood turned out to be one of many sitcoms/movies I have enjoyed watching Michael J. Fox in.
    Like many other places in Florida, this too can be a great place to vacate for a weekend! I can see myself staying in a bed and breakfast and strolling down Main Street to explore the antique collectibles and book stores. Maybe eat ice cream while I shop in the organic food store, or sit down and relax on one of the many verandahs and soak up all the beautiful architecture.
    I have to say, when I was assigned to write a response to this Florida Preservationist Blog weekly, I was a little apprehensive. I am surprised to say, I am very pleased with the site and I have enjoyed learning about Florida and its history. Honestly, I would have never taken the time to initiative it on my own.

  26. Kara Vonada

    The little town that time forgot… Micanopy, Florida.
    This town is one that I think I would absolutely love. From the quirky atmosphere to the preserved buildings, it seems as if it’s a perfect combination of modern meets old town. This post really hit home for me, I just adore small towns and the laid back feeling you get when you visit them. Everyone is friendly, and there are so many treasures to find. For example the history Lesa discussed in this post. You would never know that this town was so important. The buildings are all so beautiful; it really reminds you of the south. This community is very appealing to people of all ages; it has so much to offer. I love what Lesa said towards the end. “Like a beautiful southern lady, Micanopy charmingly invites visitors to sit down on any of the many verandahs to enjoy friendly conversation and a glass of iced tea while you take in the lovingly restored architectural surroundings.” (Lesa Lorusso) After doing research in this course, I have come to realize just how important preservation is. Towns like this would not exist if people didn’t take care of the buildings and history behind it. Why wouldn’t you want to live or even visit a town like this? With so much charm and history, it’s a perfect little getaway spot. I really enjoyed this blog post and now am planning a trip up to visit Micanopy. Thank you for your insight and the wonderful written post. You couldn’t have persuaded me any more to take a visit.

  27. Jerry’s General Store • Fayetteville, TX | The Crush List

    […] my grandparents at their horse farm in Ocala, Florida.  The big day trip of our stay was up to Micanopy, a tiny nearby town that my Grandmadean used to say had “possibilities.”  I remember […]

  28. amna murshed

    First of all, I would like to say that I have enjoyed this class very much, and even though this is the last assignment for this class, historic preservation topics will always be one of my favorite topics/ subjects of mine to read about, to explore, and to discover the many untold historic secrets of many towns and buildings. It is just a great experience to visit historic locations, and to experiment the history of these buildings/ locations and the feel of the time period they were built in.
    Even though I have never visited nor even heard about the town of Micanopy, FL, the photographs that you have provided encouraged and motivated me to visit this beautiful small forgotten town, such as every town/ district that was ever mentioned in your blogs. The historic value of this town, in my personal opinion, is priceless; that is because I think that every store/ building has its own story and personality behind it. For example, the first post office, and the American fort in the area.
    I think applying interior design in historic preservation is crucially important and difficult to maintain; not only that some buildings/ structures are being preserved but in this case, a whole town/ district is being historically preserved. I like the idea of this beautiful little town is a getaway for the students of University of Florida.
    This little town is unfortunately forgotten by some, and some, like myself, have never heard of it before reading this post.

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